CT Creative Team S.A. has developed its own SMS Center - original and copyrighted innovation named CT.SMS. CT.SMS platform allows sending SMS messages to all users regardless of their GSM network both in Poland and other countries. CT.SMS was created for those companies and organizations which are interested in getting access to any user of cellular phone. This service is especially helpful for the companies, whose employees are very mobile, which have scattered networks of representatives, as well as for those companies, which look for quick access to large groups of recipients.

    CT.SMS is accessible through the following interfaces:

  • WWW web site secured by coding procedures on the SSL level;
  • SMTP protocol with IP address' control procedure;
  • TCP/IP protocol along with security procedures;
  • any other TCP/IP protocol as per Client's demand;

CT.SMS platform cooperates directly with GSM networks of all Polish operators and some of the foreign operators as well.


WapSter PC is CT Creative Team original and copyrighted Instant Messenger-type program. It is fully secured, independent and specialized solution which makes easier communication in company. Apart from all the traditional advantages of Instant Messenger-type programs - mainly on-line and real-time communication through computers connected to network - it additionally allows:

  • sending SMS messages directly from PC computer (with personal number in originator field);
  • delivery reports;
  • WapSter account on-line checking

For specialized offer please contact: marketing@creativeteam.com.pl.