WapSter.pl web service dedicated to those cellular phone users who wish to give them an unique character. WapSter.pl, as a complex and sophisticated platform, enables sending all of the stuff which can be sent via SMS.

Web service offers library over 100 thousands of products: logo, screensavers, animated screensavers, graphic messages, EMS, ringtones and poliphonic ringtones for Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Alcatel, Ericsson and Motorola telephones.

Service's users can also order one of the infoservices and use one from our big collection of SMS text suggests for each and every occasion.

Service assemble now over 1 300 000 registered users.

WapSter Profi

Profi - service espacially designated for small businesses. It makes possible to send simultaneously big packages of SMS (up to 1000). The main task of Profi is to facilitate communication with customers and employees through the easy and practical multiple messaging system.

Thanks to Profi it is possible to send independent SMS packages from WapSter web service. The main advantages of service are: independent links to GSM operators and high speed of messages sending. It is also possible to control the sending process as it comes. All of dispatches are reported and each purchase of service is invoiced.